mod de server miscretaed

mod de server miscretaed

  • Catégories: serveur
  • Seed : 72
  • Leech : 198

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This guide will help you on how to install mods to your Miscreated server. Stop server; Go to Configuration Files, edit the hosting.cfg and place the following line . To install mods: 1) Stop your server in the gamepanel. 2) Click on the configuration files button. 3) Click configuration editor for hosting.cfg 4) In the text box next . I used to mod back on Crysis and I've been playing Miscreated and hosting a dedicated server for some time recently. Today (01/23/19) . Steam Workshop: Miscreated. 9/20/2019: . To enable this mod on your server add "1675080174" to your steam_ugc in the hosting.cfg like so: To enabled mods on your server, in the hosting.cfg file, add a line for steam_ugc and assign it a comma separated list of Steam workshop items to install I really need a couple folks to jump on the server and verify they are seeing the mods as being active. You should see more weapons in the world and the mutants . This server has essentially kept me interested in the game at this point. There are mods (added weapons and cars) that make things more interesting, but what . If you browse the "All"-Tab in the Server-Browser you may find some servers with mods. If a server has a mod that you are not subscribed to, it will download it .


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